The Battle of Grengam on 27 July 1720

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Perrot Ferdinand Victor - The Battle of Grengam on 27 July 1720
Title:The Battle of Grengam on 27 July 1720
Artist: Perrot, Ferdinand Victor (1808-1841)
Method: Oil on canvas
School: France
Category: History
Trend in art: Neoclassicism
Keywords: Sea landscape, Ship, Finland, War, Russian History, Maritime painting, Baltic Sea, Great Northern War, Sweden, Russian victory, Peter I, Navy, Russian fleet, French painting, Peter the Great, Russian naval force, Naval battle, History of Russia, Charles XII, Warship, Sea Battle, Swedish Navy, Imperial Russian Navy, Russian Navy, Swedish naval force, Russo-Swedish War, Battle of Grengam, Grengam, Granhamn, Peter I Alexeyevich, Peter Alexeyevich, Ship of the line, Man-of-war, Men-of-war, Man of war, HMS, Karl XII