The strelets Uprising of 1698

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Dmitriev-Orenburgsky Nikolai Dmitrievich - The strelets Uprising of 1698
Title:The strelets Uprising of 1698
Method: Oil on canvas
Created: 1862
School: Russia
Keywords: Woman, Russia, Nobility, Aristocracy, Throne, Moscow, Russian Monarchy, Romanov, Tsar, Emperor, Russian History, Ruler, Monarch, Sovereign, Power, Tsars, Peter I, Successor to the Throne, Stateswoman, Tsarina, Peter I the Great, History of Russia, Muscovy, Moscow principality, Grand Duchy of Moscow, Rebellion, Revolt, Uprising, Streltsy, Strelets, Strelets Troops, Monarchy, Sofia Alekseyevna, Sophia Alekseyevna, Sofia, Sophia, Regent of Russia, Regent, Tsarevna, Power struggle, Strelets Uprising, Moscow Streltsy regiments, Palace guardsmen, Peter I Alexeyevich, Peter Alexeyevich