A Family

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Ivanov Sergei Vasilyevich - A Family
Title:A Family
Artist: Ivanov, Sergei Vasilyevich (1864-1910)
Method: Oil on canvas
Created: 1909
School: Russia
Category: Genre
Keywords: Winter, Russia, Family life, Family, Aristocracy, Merchant, Family scene, Folklore, Traditional, Russian Nobility, Traditional dress, Family portrait, Russian winter, Traditional costume, Merchant's family in 17th century, Old Russia, Time of Troubles, History of Russia, Ancient Russian architecture, Muscovy, Moscow principality, Grand Duchy of Moscow, Ancient Russia, Boyar, Muscovite boyar, Domostroy, Domostroy times, Boyar's Wife, Knyazhna, Smuta, Kokoshnik, Boyarynya, Boyarishnya, Boyaryshnya, Headgear, Headwear, Headdress