Tavern Scene (The Village Fiddler)

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Brouwer Adriaen - Tavern Scene (The Village Fiddler)
Title:Tavern Scene (The Village Fiddler)
Artist: Brouwer, Adriaen (um 1605-1638)
Method: Oil on canvas
Created: 1634-1638
School: Flanders
Category: Genre
Keywords: Beggar, Country side, Music, Country house, Conversation, Vagrant life, Smoker, Music instruments, Violin, Drinking, Wine, Tavern, Funny company, Interior, Amusement, Barock, Poverty, House concert, Musician, Play music, At the Table, Drunkenness, Drunk, Genre scene, Wine jug, Pub, Concert, Fiddler, Musical instrument, Drunkard