After The Luncheon

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Renoir Pierre Auguste - After The Luncheon
Title:After The Luncheon
Artist: Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)
Method: Oil on canvas
Created: 1879
School: France
Category: Genre
Trend in art: Impressionism
Keywords: Summer, Sun, Nature, Seasons, Poetry, Sun light, Summer landscape, Trees, France, Conversation, Light, Colourfulness, Lady, Lighting, Society, Hat, Smoker, White tablecloth, Impression, Funny company, Park, Wood, Breakfast, Coffee, Porcelain, Fashion, Modern, Tea, Tea set, Teacup, Tea drinking, Tea break, French woman, Stylish, Kavalier, Coffee things, Coffee pot, Impressionism, Impressionists, Morning tea, Luncheon, Smoking, Cigarettes, Tobacco, Gown, Dress, Frock, Clothes, Wear, Attire, Clothing, Chapeaux fantaisistes, Cigarette, Coffeepot, Pic-Nic