Chinese Pavilion. Jealous Man

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Benois Alexander Nikolayevich - Chinese Pavilion. Jealous Man
Title:Chinese Pavilion. Jealous Man
Artist: Benois, Alexander Nikolayevich (1870-1960)
Created: 1906
School: Russia
Category: Genre
Keywords: France, Lady, Love, Lovers, Relationship, Ladies, Versailles, Palace Park, Pleasure, Erotic, Amusement, Rococo, Nobility, Aristocracy, King Louis XIV, Louis le Grand, Modern age, Absolutism, Sun king, World History, King of France and Navarre, Love affair, Love scene, Rendezvous, Gentleman, Royal residence, Embrace, Tryst, Kiss, Kissed, Loving, Gentlemen, Amusing, Amorous, Past, Royal court, Pavilion, Chinese pavilion, Jealous man, Louis XIV, Love couple, Amorous couple
VG-Bild-Kunst Bonn