Youth Playing a Lute

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Sharaf al-Husayni al-Yazdi - Youth Playing a Lute
Title:Youth Playing a Lute
Artist: Sharaf al-Husayni al-Yazdi (aktiv 16. Jahrhundert)
Created: ca 1595
Category: Music, Dance
Trend in art: The Oriental Arts
Keywords: Music, Song, Music instruments, Youth, Horse, Musician, Lute player, Play music, Romance, Singing, Tune, Lute, Persia, Musical instruments, Manuscript, Manuscript illumination, Carol, Vocals, Luteplayer, Musical instrument, Illuminated manuscript, Illuminated art, Persian literature, Persian miniature, Islamic Art, Lutenist, Lutanist, Lutist, Calligraphy, Islamic Calligraphy, Miniature, Illuminated Letter