Railway in Antibes

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Dufy Raoul - Railway in Antibes
Title:Railway in Antibes
Artist: Dufy, Raoul (1877-1953)
Created: 1926
School: France
Category: Landscape
Trend in art: Fauvism
Keywords: Sun, Fauvism, Nature, Poetry, Trees, Valley, France, Sea, Sea landscape, South France, Shore, Seashore, Bay, Beach, Hill, Mount, Nabis, Small town, Houses, Water colour, Rail, Railway, Railroad, Railway station, Train, Platform, Travel, Palms, Mediterranean Sea, Steam engine, Railway in Antibes, Antibes, C├┤te d'Azur, Freight train, Transport, Rail transport, History of rail transport, Steam locomotive, Locomotive, Steam train, Trains, History of Technology, Rail Station, Train travel
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