After the Masquerade

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Couture Thomas - After the Masquerade
Title:After the Masquerade
Artist: Couture, Thomas (1815-1879)
Method: Oil on canvas
Created: 1850s
School: France
Category: Genre
Keywords: Poetry, Mardi Gras, Carnival, Pierrot, Harlequin, Festival, Fasching, Shrove Tuesday, Actor, France, Sleep, Children, Amusement, Night, Celebration, Fancy-dress ball, Masquerade, Fool, Commedia dell'Arte, Mime, Comedian, Clown, Ruff, Jester, After the Masquerade, Tired, Tiredness, Sleeping, French painting, Joker, Jokester, Wit-cracker, Prankster, Buffoon, Commedia dell’arte, Masquerade ball, Masked Ball