Frederick I receives Brandenburg (Right half)

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Anonymous - Frederick I receives Brandenburg (Right half)
Title:Frederick I receives Brandenburg (Right half)
Artist: Anonymous
Method: Woodcut
Created: 1480s
School: Germany
Category: History
Trend in art: Book design
Keywords: Germany, Middle Ages, Manuscript, History of Germany, Manuscript illumination, Frederick I, Monochrome picture, black-and-white, blackwhite, German History, Medieval, Brandenburg, Illuminated manuscript, Medieval Illuminated Letter, Illuminated art, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, German King, King of the Romans, Sigismund, Sigismund of Luxemburg, Sigismund of Brandenburg, Council of Constance, Constance, Margraviate of Brandenburg, March of Brandenburg, Electoral Brandenburg, Electorate of Brandenburg, Frederick I of Brandenburg, Frederick VI of Nuremberg, Burgrave of Nuremberg, Brandenburg-Ansbach, Brandenburg-Kulmbach, Emperor Sigismund, Miniature