Lazarus as a poor beggar

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Bronnikov Feodor Andreyevich - Lazarus as a poor beggar
Title:Lazarus as a poor beggar
Artist: Bronnikov, Feodor Andreyevich (1827-1902)
Method: Oil on canvas
Created: 1886
School: Russia
Category: Bible
Keywords: Bible, New Testament, Money, Parable, Greed, Stinginess, Miracle of Lazarus, Lazarus from Bethany, Bishop of Larnaka, Lazarus, Parables of Jesus, Biblical Parables, Rich man and Lazarus, Dives and Lazarus, Lazarus and Dives, Wealth, Opulence, Richness, Affluence, Abundance, Luxuriancy, Cornucopia, Prosperity, Wealthiness