The Resurrection

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Andrea di Vanni - The Resurrection
Title:The Resurrection
Artist: Andrea di Vanni (um 1332-1414)
Method: Wood, tempera
Created: 1355-1360
Category: Bible
Trend in art: Gothic
Keywords: Heaven, Bible, New Testament, Angel, Christ, Mary Magdalene, Mary of Magdala, Devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, Feast, Christianity, Belief, Faith, Mary Magdalen, Loyalty, Gothic, Apostle, Apostles history, Ascension of Christ, Resurrection, Easter, Thursday, Christian festival, Eastern Orthodoxy, Glorious Mystery, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Ascension, Holy Women, Three Holy Women, Three Maries, Christ's Appearance, Resurrection of Christ, Magdalene, Magdalen, The Three Marys, Three Marys, Myrrhbearers, Myrrhbearing Women, White Angel