Allegory of Virtue and Riches

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Schalcken Godfried Cornelisz - Allegory of Virtue and Riches
Title:Allegory of Virtue and Riches
Artist: Schalcken, Godfried Cornelisz (1643-1706)
Method: Oil on copper
Created: ca. 1665-1667
School: Holland
Trend in art: Baroque
Keywords: Gold, Jewellery, Money, Vanity, Lust, Chastity, Charity, Sick, Chance, Weak, Repentant, Sinful, Depts, Greed, Stinginess, Sin, Sinner, Avarice, Envy, Diligence, Fashion accessories, Caritas, Vices, Luxuria, Extravagance, Lechery, Gluttony, Avaritia, Covetousness, Sloth, Acedia, Despair, Wrath, Anger, Pride, Hubris, Vainglory, Seven deadly sin, s Gula, Virtues, Castitas, Temperance, Temperantia, Industria, Patience, Patientia, Kindness, Humanitas, Humility, Humilitas, Riche, Riches, Wealth, Opulence, Richness, Affluence, Abundance, Luxuriancy, Cornucopia, Prosperity, Wealthiness, Seven Virtues