The Allegory of the Living

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Canlassi (Called Cagnacci) Guido (Guidobaldo) - The Allegory of the Living
Title:The Allegory of the Living
Method: Oil on canvas
Created: 1650
Trend in art: Baroque
Keywords: Flowers, Nude, Nudity, Symbol, Death, Eternity, Barock, Allegory of the Living, Life, Hourglass, Skull, Time, Transitoriness, Transience, Money, Vanitas, Vanity, Life and Death, Memento Mori, Death symbols, Vain, Futility, Sinful, Depts, Stinginess, Riche, Riches, Wealth, Opulence, Richness, Affluence, Abundance, Luxuriancy, Cornucopia, Prosperity, Wealthiness