Grenadier of the Preobrazhensky Regiment

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Anonymous - Grenadier of the Preobrazhensky Regiment
Title:Grenadier of the Preobrazhensky Regiment
Artist: Anonymous
Created: End of 1770s
School: Russia
Category: History
Trend in art: Classicism
Keywords: Russia, Guard, Guardsman, Regiment, Russian Imperial Guard, Imperial Guard, Leib Guard, Personal guards of the Emperor of Russia, Grenadier Guard, Grenadier Guards, Grenadier, Guardsmen, Preobrazhensky Regiment, Poteshnye voiska, Fun forces, Petrovskiy polk, Peter's regiment, Life Guard, Seebataillon, Marine Battalion, Toy army, Toy army of Peter I, Grenadiers, Lifeguards, Life-Guards, Life-Guard, Life Guards