Banquet with Musicians

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Passe Crispijn van de the Elder - Banquet with Musicians
Title:Banquet with Musicians
Artist: Passe, Crispijn van de, the Elder (1564-1637)
Method: Etching
Created: ca. 1600
School: The Netherlands
Category: Genre
Trend in art: Baroque
Keywords: Country side, Music, Country house, Vagrant life, Music instruments, Musicians, Death, Eternity, Interior, Barock, House concert, Musician, Playing music, Dog, Sheets of music, Scores, Holland, Transience, Feast, Money, Vanitas, Vanity, Life and Death, Memento Mori, Vain, Futility, Sinful, Depts, Stinginess, Concert, Cello, Cellist, Musical instruments, Rural musicians, Country music, Musical instrument, Riche, Riches, Wealth, Opulence, Richness, Affluence, Abundance, Luxuriancy, Cornucopia, Prosperity, Wealthiness, Violoncello, Sheet music