Cabaret The comedian's rest home (My Life)

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Sudeykin Sergei Yurievich - Cabaret
Title:Cabaret The comedian's rest home (My Life)
Artist: Sudeykin, Sergei Yurievich (1882-1946)
Created: 1916
School: Russia
Trend in art: Art Nouveau
Keywords: Decorative, Ballet, Nude, Nudity, Colourfulness, Nude woman, Café, Cabaret, Russia, Stage, Mirror, Rest, Theatre, Mask, Theatre play, Modern, Comedy, Theatre Troop, Traveling players, Russian Avant-garde, Opera, Actors, Literature, Russian Literature, Akt, Russian Theatre, Before the mirror, Petersburg, Silver Age, Mandelstam, Soudeikine, Soudeikin, Osip Mandelstam, Acmeism, Silver Age of Russian Poetry, Russian Poetry, Guild of Poets, Comedians' Rest